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Shree  Ganesh  Vasudev  Karandikar  , the  ardent  lover   and the eminent scholar  of  Sanskrit , is  the  founder  of  Sanskrit  Bhasha  Sanstha.  Having considered  that Sanskrit  is very  difficult  and  the  grammar  based  language, people  run away  from  this  language.  To  learn  the  grammar seems  to  be very  difficult  task  from  them.  Having  kept  all this  considerations  in mind  honourable  Mr. Ganesh  Vasudev  Karandikar started  Sanskrit  Bhasha  Sanstha  with  the  motto  ‘Learn  Sanskrit  in  72 hours s” for  the lovers  of  Sanskrit  language  in  1987………………

About our Institute

Our Institute was established on 7th April 1989 under the dynamic leadership of Mr. Ganesh V Karandikar, who continues to be our patron, guide teacher and our source of inspiration even today. The Institute is duly registered (number 200/1989/7-4-89G.B.B.S.D.). It has its own Constitution and its own formulated set of Rules & Regulations. Our main branch is at Dadar (W); we also have branches in Dahisar, Mulund, Thane and Kalyan. We teach about 75-100 students every year. We have a Teaching Staff of about 12-15 teachers. So far more than 1500 students have received education from our Institute

Our Aims & Objectives

As we all know Sanskrit is the classical language of ancient India. Our glorious heritage for most part lies portrayed in this eternal divine language which continues to fascinate scholars from all over the world even to this date.
Since the very inception, our Institute has been actively involved in teaching the Sanskrit language and enhancing its popularity amongst Indians.

Our Activities in a Nutshell

Towards this purpose the Institute has undertaken the following activities for the past thirteen years:

  • The Sanskrit Bhasha Sadhana Varga– A 6-month course consisting of classroom teaching of basic Sanskrit with special focus on conversational Sanskrit rather than a grammar based approach. A Saayam Mahavidyalaya – a course in advanced Sanskrit consisting of 2 semesters of 6 months each.
  • We conduct scholarship examinations for the middle section school students of over ….. schools in Mumbai and other parts of Maharashtra every year during the months of ….. About 500 students appear for the examinations every year and prize distribution is done in the months of February-March each year.
  • Our Institution boasts of a Sanskrit book library, where ancient classics and contemporary prose and poetry and self-study books collected since the 1940s are available.
  • Cultural Activities:
    • We teach our students to write, direct and enact plays in Sanskrit.
    • We also guide our students how to compose poems and songs in Sanskrit
    • Our students participate in various competitions (poetry recital, story-telling, recitation of famous works like Bhartrihari’s Nitishatakam, the Bhagavad-Gita) organized by Institutions inside and outside Mumbai city.

  • And our special feature has been conversational Sanskrit. The forte of our Institution has been stress on conversational Sanskrit, whereby the students are taught how to make  use of a modest vocabulary for making day-to-day simple conversation and then progressively taught the more complex nuances of the language.
  • Our Institute has published several textbooks of its own. These are being used to teach middle section school students literature, language and grammar in a way that is easier to understand the language. Textbooks have been prepared for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th standard students by our Institute which are purchased and used by many schools all over Maharashtra.
Sansthas classes at different Places and contact numbers
Andheri - Diwakar Sabharanjak : +91 9821073563
Dadar - Ujjwala Pawar : +91 9833160224
Dahisar - Mr. Prakash Gangal : +91 8097788660
Current Management

President : Mrs. Surekha Narendra Joshi.
(M.A. Sanskrit, Music)

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  Vice- President : Smt. Ujjawala Anil Pawar.
(M.A. Sanskrit)

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  Treasurer : Mr. Diwakar Sabharanjak.
(B.Sc. university of pune.)

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     Secretary : Dr.(Mrs.) Suneeta Suven Patil
Ph.D. (Vedanta Philosophy)
(M.A. Sanskrit, M.A. Marathi, M.Ed,
 M.Sc (I.S.S.E.))

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  Founder Member : Mr. Rahul sharadkumar Satghar
M. A. B. Ed.

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Committee  Members :
  • Chandrashekhar Takale B.A. (Visharad, Sanskrit)
  • Zelam Inamdar M.A. (Sanskrit)
  • Swati Sahastrabuddhe. B.A.(Philosophy), B.Ed
  • Mrs. Vaijayanti Vaidya M.A.(Sanskrit)

Our Past Management

 Former :  (Senior Management)
 Kulguru :  Mr. G. M. Patil  
 President :  Mr. G.V. Karandikar

Past prominent managing members:

 Principal :  Mrs. Sandhya Miravankar
 Secretary :  Mr . Vasant Dubey
 Treasurer :  Mr. Bhalachandra Thatte
 Advisor :  (Late) Mr. Arun Waman Atre.

Our Objectives

The advantages of learning this language:

  1. The students who opt for Ayurvedic Medicine Course, for them this language is Base language , because all the verses are in Sanskrit only.As well as after having studied this language they can refer to the original text in Sanskrit.
  2. The students who choose the study of architecture, for them it is very easy to go through the original treatises of Sthapatyashastra in Sanskrit.
  3. For the study of Economics, M.B.A. and political science the rules and regulations set by Chanakya are always useful.
  4. Those who are interested in Astrology , for them study of Sanskrit is a must.
  5. Natyashastra of BharatMuni is always useful for Indian Theatre.
  6. Sanskrit language is phonetically so rich that by its pronounciation tongue turns in such a way that one can master any language in the world.
  7. Indian philosophy is transmitted in Sanskrit language. For the better understanding of the philosophy , (for both Eastern and Western philosophy) knowledge of Sanskrit is a must.
  8. Having learned and having read the good verses (Subhashitas), one can add to his / her vocabulary; to write articles as well as to acquire the mastery in oratory and in studies.
  9. Nowdays it is said that Sanskrit is the perfect language for computers , even it is tried in Pune, Chennai and in Bangalore.
  10. Sanskrit is a very fascinating and knowledgeable language which ls not only the language of literature but it is the language of physics, chemistry, all sciences, astronomy, astrology, history, geography, medicine, mathematics, beauty-theraphy, and each and every scripture in this world.
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