Bhagwad Geeta is one of the most priceless possession of Indian Culture. Bhagwad Geeta Reflects the Brilliant Thoughts preached by Lord Krishna himself and these thoughts should be on the tip of the tongue of every individual from children to elders, as also to enable the promotion and widespread of Sanskrit language Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha has made an active effort to organize this kind of a competition.

There are many Indians who have this constantly pricking feeling in their minds that in such a fast paced and busy busy, they are hardly getting any time to read Bhagvad Geeta. But after participating in this competition, they would be relived of those kinds of feelings. Atleast we could hope that such competitions would serve this purpose.

By learning the simple and beautiful Slokas of Bhagwad Geeta and by reciting them loudly, would surely improve our memory power and pronunciation skills to a great extent. Our speech would not only be clean but also clear. This is one of the reasons and our heartfelt desire as to why everyone should actively participate in such a competition
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