Students belonging to any Medium of Study and studying in 5th / 6th / 7th standard can participate in the Sanskrit competitive exams organized by Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha.

Children’s should have the effect of Sanskrit Language over it and for that reason, for Primary standards right from first to fourth basic lessons of Sanskrit could be heard and recites, Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha has published ‘Sanskrit Vachanmala Vol 1 – 4 which are pictorial and interesting in nature. Long with these 4 books there is another book by the name “ Sanskrit Bhasha Darpana”,  all these five books have been made available to aid such competitive exams. The Sanskrit Vanchanmala Vol 1 – 4 are also available in audio CD formats, all these books costs just Rs. 34 each and if all of them are purchased at once, they can be brought at a discounted rate of Rs. 130/-.more...

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