2014-2015 Silver Jubilee Year  
Dr. (Mrs.) Suneeta Suven Patil.

Ph.D. (Vedanta Philosophy)
(M.A. Sanskrit, M.A. Marathi, M.Ed,
M.Sc (I.S.S.E.))

  Educational Qualification:
  • Ph. D in Vedanta Philosophy (Sanskrit) – Registration date- 19-6-2007
  • Topic: The Divine Realm of Vedanta and the great German Philosophers- A
  • Comparative Study. (Mumbai University)
  • M.A (Sanskrit) – 2004 (Mumbai University)
  • M.A.(Marathi) - 1998 (Mumbai University)
  • M.Ed. (Guidance & Counselling)- 1996 (Mumbai University)
  • M.Sc. (I.S.S.E- Physics) - 1991(Mumbai University)
  • B. Ed. (Maths- Science) - 1993(Mumbai University)
  • B.Sc. (Physics) - 1989 (Mumbai University)

1) Visiting Faculty in the Dept. of Sanskrit (Mumbai University) since 2007.
    Subjects taught:
  • Certificate Course: Prose, Sanskrit Grammar
  • Diploma Course: Sanskrit Grammar, Classical literature in Sanskrit.
  • Advance Diploma Course: Translation from Sanskrit to English
  • Advance Mysticism Course: Mysticism in 'Shree Datta Sampradaya.', Sufism
  • M.A (Part-I):
    • Brahmasutra Shankara Bhashya
    • History of Ancient India
    • Gupta Period
    • Six Systems of Indian Philosophy (Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Samkhya, Yoga, Purva and Uttara Mimamsa)
    • Adhyasa Bhashya
    • Chatusutri
    • Western Philosophy
    • Indian thinkers (Swami Vivekananda, Yogi Arvind, Gurudev Ranade)
  • M.A (Part-II):
    • Vallabha Bhashya
    • Nimbarka Bhashya
    • Madhva Bhashya
    • Gupta and Maurya Period
  • M.Phil:
    • Ontology (Branch of philosophy which deals with the being)
  • Performances as an Indian classical vocalist at various cultural festivals and summits.
2) Secretary and Adhyapika of Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha:
Subjects taught:
  • Nitishatakam
  • Shreemad Bhagavad Geeta
  • Kadambari of Banabhatta
  • Sanskrit Grammar
  • Special contribution in the website of Sanstha i.e www.sanskritbhashasanstha.com
3) Worked as a Guiding Professor in Kapila Khandwala College of Education. (1996-1997)

4) Worked as an Assistant teacher in various schools since 1993- 2005 Subjects taught there- Algebra, Geometry, Science and Sanskrit.
  • Delivered a Public lecture on,"Upanishad" at Atre Katta' in 2002 ,at Shyamaprasad Mukharjee Udyan.
  • Delivered a public lecture, on 'Brahmasutra,' at Jnanayoga Society, in 2003.
  • Delivered lectures on Swami Vivekanand for Vidyavrat of Jnanaprabodhini, as well as in Bimanagar School.
  • Delivered a lecture on, "Concept of Jīvātmā in Advaita Vedānta, at SankarMattam, Matunga, at the occasion of arrival of and in the presence of Venerable Shankaracharya of Srungeri Matham, Shri. Jayendra Saraswati.
Papers presented:
  • Vedanta Philosophy and Schopenhauer A comparative study, at KeshavsrushtI, for Prachyavidya.
  • 'Aesthetics in Indian and German Philosophy', in International seminar at Nagpur, and was awarded with the first rank in Religion and Philosophy section.
  • 'Perception (Darshan) and Modern Psychology', In National seminar at Mangaluru (Karnataka),(the theme of the seminar was- Application of Ancient Shastras in Modern Sciences), and was awarded with the first rank.
  • Adya Shankaracharya and Kant, at Ratnagiri for Prachyavidya.
  • Presented research papers in various conferences held by Dept. of Sanskrit.
  • Written an article on "The Mysticism of Shree Datta Sampradaya," for the proceedings of the same seminar.
  • Translated some sections of Marathi Book- Kardalivana-Ek Anubhuti, in Sanskrit.
  • Written an article for Marathi Diwali Magazine – Vastushastra and prachin sandarbhatil saundarya (2013)
  • An article in Sanskrit regarding the report of seminar is published in the Sanskrit magazine- Girvan Vani.
  • Translated some Marathi poems of Great poet Mangesh Padgaonkar, in Sanskrit for the occasion of Sanskrit Day.
  • Passed the Middle school Scholarship Examination as well as Elementary and Intermediate Drawing Exams.
Languages Known:
  • Sanskrit
  • Marathi
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Gujarati
  • Bangla
Special Interest:
  • Indian Philosophy.
Personal Details

Telephone -
Mobile 0-9820048404, 0-9224495926
E-mail sunitasuven@hotmail.com
Date of birth 21st March 1968
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