Dr Tanmay Amladi

It is an honor and a privilege to pen these words on how my tryst with Sanskrit began and how far I have travelled on this enriching journey; I am a pediatrician by profession in private practice in Mumbai since 1988. I used to read the Bhagavad Gita in English in the years 1989 to 2000. The philosophy was indeed a life-turning one in my life, but I always felt that something was lacking by not being able to read the original Sanskrit script; with a lot of hunting and asking around, I finally learnt of Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha and spoke to our Honorable Guru Shri G V Karandikar; I had apprehensions about being an English medium student who had not in-depth knowledge of Marathi or Hindi grammar except basic colloquial level knowledge, but my teacher assured me that he would ensure I would follow what was taught in lass and encouraged me to join it.

It was a daunting task at first – understanding basic grammatical terms, remembering a lot of rules and exceptions etc – but our teachers always took care to explain us again and again till they had drilled it into us; later when we began to read and appreciate the beauty of the language through the selections in the advanced course it was a amazing experience to enjoy the rich, mesmerizing poetry of so many eminent authors and poets.

Having done well in both the basic and advanced courses, the question came…now, what next? Luckily I was encouraged by my Gurus to join as a teacher for the basic course and later for even the advanced course, where even the medium of instruction was Sanskrit! I still remember how I had sweated through my first teaching session, where I was expected to speak exclusively in Sanskrit for a full hour!

But our Gurus taught us to take Sanskrit much beyond the class – we developed a Sanskrit orchestra, performed annually at various Sanskrit Sammelans and conducted a complete Sanskrit Quiz for three successive Sammelans, complete, with visual, audio and rapid fire rounds!

Friends, I would without hesitation our Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha to anyone who wishes to understand, learn and enjoy the Sanskrit language to its fullest extent - join it and you’ll know the difference!

Whenever I remember our Sanstha, this prayer rings in my ears…
AUM saha navavatu, saha nau bhunaktu
Saha veeryam karvaavahai
Tejasvi naa vadhita mastu
maa vid vishaa va hai
AUM shaantih, shaantih, shaantih

God bless our Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha!


 Leena Doshi

I did MBA almost 20 years back and after that I had lost touch with academics altogether barring my kids school education. My kids were growing and slowly had started to get more self reliant giving me some spare time for myself and I didnt know what do of it. Suddenly I realised having spent best part of life looking after the kids and family, my world had narrowed down and I felt as I was actually loosing my confidence; when I came across an advertisement in news paper about Sanskritbhasha Sanstha conducting a parttime course. I never had Sanskrit as subject during my school days just out of curiosity I enrolled my name in the course. And...my life really changed. I never had thought language is an evolution and is so much involved. As days progressed, before I realised, I was totally engulfed by the beauty and depth of the language and after that there was no looking back. I went on to do both the courses conducted by the Sanstha and then went on to complete my MA in Sanskrit. I have no words to express my gratitude towards Sanskrit Bhasha Sanstha that it changed the path of my life and gave me a new direction.
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